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All my expenses are paid via a credit card and once or twice a month I settle the account. But I also I like to track my expenses closely. I have a number of different bank accounts for the various expenses, to which I allocate a certain amount each pay period from my income. Eg: Insurance account where I allocate a set month to this account from my salary and then when the insurance is due I hopefully have enough money in the account to pay for it.

So this requires me to allocate each of the expenses to the relevant expense account, as I need to draw the relevant amount from each of the expense accounts.

I actually use GnuCash to track my finances, which is a great application and has served me well. The issue I have is with my process and I am starting to find it a bit montonous having to work out the various expenses on the credit card and allocate them accordingly. So I’ve finally decided to do something about it and put together an application that will hopefully make things a lot more steamlined for me.

For some time now I have been tending towards developing applications that have a clear and distinct separation between the UI aspect of the application and the business logic. In order to accomplish this I am developing a solid API application that can serve/handle the various UI applications.

The various UI applications are applications that are developed for the browser, Android, IOS etc.

I’m still working through the various nuances of making this work the way I like and hopefully by the end of this application I will have a solid framework/method of how best to handle this.

To see how things are going you can follow via the GitHub repo


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2013-01-19 19:00 -0500